Screening of Down’s Syndrom

The doctors of the mother and child ultrasound center are accredited for the screening of Down’s syndrome.

If you wish to have a combined screening of Down’s syndrom during the first term of your pregnancy:

  • Either we will complete the prescription pre-established by your doctor with the results of your ultrasound (measurements of the craniocaudal length and the nuchal translucency between 12 and 13 weeks of amenorrhea.)
  • Or we will give you the necessary documents.

For this screening which takes into account your age and the ultrasound results, it will be necessary to complete it with a blood test ( in any laboratory, a list of addresses is at your disposal), on the day or within the week that follows the ultrasound.

The risk calculation will be performed by a referent laboratory and the results will be addressed to us as well as to your doctor within about a week’s time.

If this screening situates you in a zone where the risk is over 1/250 (which does not imply an abnormality for your child but an increase of the statistical risk), a specialised consultation in a prenatal diagnosis center will be suggested to you with the possibility to have diagnosis tests achieved (and no screening tests any more).

Network numbers
Dr Pascale Sonigo MYPA network: 75 16 019 1364 01
Dr Emmanuelle Barrali-Golstenne MYPA network: 95 17 024 1528 01
Dr Valery Taviere : MYPA network: 75 16 054 0634 01