3D and 4 D ultrasound

  • The 3 D and 4 D imaging technique (real time 3D) can be performed during the ultrasound.
  • You must know that these 3 D reconstructions can be upsetting to future parents.

We do not encourage you to systematically perform this type of imaging outside very good technical conditions.

  • If you wish to have 3D images, do not hesitate to inform us, the doctor will propose it only if the technical conditions are favourable.
  • The standard and 3 D ultrasound technical conditions are limited for very large patients, if the position of the baby is not favourable and in case of multiple pregnancy.
  • Do not be surprised if the doctor does not make images of your baby, he focuses on the medical requirements.
  • The doctor will give you, all along the exam, all the necessary explanations for your understanding of the exam.
  • The duration of the exam is not predictable and depends on the local conditions and the complexity of the  assessment.

This may entail a delay in the consultation, please accept our apologies.

  • We can perform, at your request and if the technical conditions permit, 3D and 4D images once the classical medical exam is ended.
  • Video clips of your baby can be made and transferred to your cell phone or your email box.